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Working & Driving: Can I Still Foster

“Can I still work if I am the primary carer?”

The answer to this is yes. However, we assess individuals on how flexible their working hours are.

Being a foster carer comes with a number of responsibilities – such as attending meetings with local authority services, training sessions, contact meetings as well as facilitating the school run. Having flexible work hours is a necessity when becoming a foster carer in order to be able to meet the demands of fostering.

We are aware that, unfortunately, very few jobs offer this kind of flexibility. However, we do consider people who have flexible roles such as supply teacher or bank staff as well as self-employed people who are able to prioritise fostering and attend all meetings and training.

If you are a couple, it is worth considering whether you would be able to balance the committment to fostering and your employment responsibilities between you.

“Do I have to be able to drive to foster?”

Being able to drive can make a foster carer’s life much easier in terms of being able to meet the demands of fostering, and we do have a preference since it eliminates potential problems of attending meetings and training sessions, for example.

However, we do not immediately rule out a potential carer simply because they cannot drive, and we take into account a number of different factors when assessing whether an individual is capable of fulfilling the fostering task without a driving license.

One of the main factors we look into is the quality of the public transport network in the carer’s surrounding location, and how accessible this is for them. We also take into consideration whether there is a secondary foster carer and if this person is able to drive the primary carer to all training and meeting sessions.

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