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Fostering Asylum Seekers

Fostering Asylum Seekers

The last five years have seen a significant increase in the number of unaccompanied children leaving their homes and claiming asylum in the UK because of war, persecution, or lack of safety in their country of birth. Due to the ongoing crisis in Syria and violence in the Middle East and North Africa, the UK Government has been working with a number of organisations and agencies to welcome refugee children. The majority of the children currently arriving in the UK and claiming asylum are teenage boys, and are primarily from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Albania, Iran, and Iraq.

The demand for foster carers of unaccompanied asylum seekers is set to increase. We are already receiving enquiries from people who are interested in fostering asylum seeking refugees and are welcoming these enquiries. The media has shown that many of the children and young people entering the country are doing so in the Southern counties and are being placed with carers across the UK.

Fostering young people who are seeking asylum does come with its challenges but is also hugely rewarding as you start to see them settle into their new life in the UK. In some cases the children will speak little or no English. As a foster carer specialising in asylum seeking fostering, you can help and teach these children the skills they need to successfully build a new life and ways to overcome their traumatic past. We will work very closely with you and provide specialist training to help you support children who are seeking asylum.

We try to place children and young people with families who have some understanding of the young person’s culture or language. However, this is not always possible, and we therefore want foster carers who are resourceful and will be able to support the young person to keep their cultural and religious links alive.