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Fostering with Alpha Plus

What is Fostering?

For a variety of reasons, including, domestic violence, substance misuse, neglect or deliberate harm, some children are unable to remain with their birth families and enter the care system as ‘Looked after Children’.

In these instances the role of the foster carer is to provide a stable environment where the child feels safe and cared for. Foster carers give much needed support to help children deal with their past experiences and guidance to help them move their lives forward in a positive direction.

Fostering is rewarding, challenging and great fun. By looking after a child or young person as part of your family you can make a real difference to the chances they have in life. When you become one of our foster carers you will become part of a team doing their best for each and every young person.

You will look after young people for as long as they need you and help them develop and thrive. You will take pride in their achievements and encourage them in every aspect of their lives.

You might be single or living with your partner, male or female, part of the LGBT community and from any ethnic background. You may be 25 or 65. You could be living in rented accommodation or buying your own home.

So long as you enjoy looking after children and young people and can work in partnership with families and professionals, we want to hear from you.

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